CERAGEM combines technology with many traditional principles of Eastern medicine such as moxibustion and Ceragem pressure to massage and soothe the body's "distress signals," which cause pain and stress.

While Ceragem pressure kneads and relaxes the muscles, moxibustion directs heat to the body, stimulating blood circulation and relieving muscle tension.

Introducing the CERAGEM Automatic Thermal Massager
CERAGEM is an Automatic Thermal Massager that combines massage and Ceragem pressure with Radiant Infrared heat(moxibustion effect), emitted through jade and Epoxy Carbon Panel for an overall rejuvenation.

It is a product that unblocks one's energy channels and relaxes muscles around the spine, improving blood and Qi circulation as the internal projectors move along the torso.
(Qi is the Chinese word for vitality, life-force, and power).

CERAGEM Portable Thermal Massager
CERAGEM Compact is a portable thermal massager that combines Ceragem Pressure with Far Infrared heated that is emitted through jade (moxibustion effect).

CERAGEM Compact is specially designed to relieve the negative effects of everyday stress on your body, and restore your overall sense of well-being by applying thermal and heat therapy which provides the following : 

  • Relaxes and rejuvenates muscles around the applied area
  • Provides therapeutic stimulation of vital pressure point around the spine
  • Improves blood and Qi circulation (QI is the Chinese word for vitality, life-force, and power)
  • Alleviates tension that is caused by stress

CERAGEM Compact will delight you and your loved ones with unmatched massaging pleasure and health benefits that are beyond comparison.

At CERAGEM, we believe that the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of our product is to let you enjoy free trials. There is no better way than to actually experience and see the effectiveness first hand, and be convinced of the benefits it can provide before deciding if you want to have a bed in the comfort of your own home. We are confident you'll want to tell you friends and family so they too can take part in this unique experience.