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I took my family over for a break and it something to write home about. It felt like I knew the management as they treated us like family. The kids loved the bon fire, it went very well with the weather. The barbecue set up was out this world. I must admit it's not a place I'd recommend for weight loss as my appetite went through the roof!!! The barbecue was delicious. I wouldn't do Lushoto alone though it's more of a family or couples place. But I'm surely gonna do this at least once a year for my peace of mind. [...]

(Feb 16, 2017)

Amazing place for getaways

Stayed at this gem, hidden in a valley up in the Usambara mountains over Christmas of 2016. Nothing says 'relaxing' like eating freshly picked fruits for breakfast with the lush Lushoto fauna in site. There's plenty to do here. We went hiking on the second day of our stay to a place called Irente and it was a site to behold. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to disconnect for a few days and truly enjoy Lushoto. [...]

(Dec 15, 2016)

Below average but it’s a rural area

I don't really know what to say without sounding like a jerk. A few of us ordered dinner and it took 2 hours to arrive. Not unusual for a rural lodge in Tanzania. But when the food came out it was room temperature and had zero, ZERO flavor. A fish filet was ordered and that was horrible.

Yes we hear you. Why order fish in a mountain town. Well it's because the waiter said it was delicious. So it was ordered.

They did turn on the wifi at our request so that was nice.

But ultimately I'm not sure how this hotel

(Oct 13, 2016)

Team building event

My team and I visited the lodge from Dar for a team building event and had an amazing time. The conference facilities catered for our needs and food served was hearty and delicious too. From the housekeeping staff to the waiters, we were met with pleasant attitudes which only added to our positive experience. As you can imagine waiting on a team of 20 can be tasking. Those of us that stayed in the tented luxury rooms had to deal with cooler temperatures at night but were also given extra blankets to take cover from the chilled nights.

They also have a f'farm-house' that's been there from colonial days that offers cozy deluxe rooms!!! This was a key highlight for me given that I enjoy history. The management organized tour drives during our weekend stay and packed lunch boxes- a good consideration for the places we visited only provided for picnic-like eating. Lushoto offers amazing scenery and calm and a stay at this hotel in a valley only makes for an even more amazing visit to the Usambara mountains. [...]

(Jun 16, 2016)


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